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Recent Projects

Here are just a few examples of projects undertaken by Meteor IT for our clients.

Our approach to projects is to complete them "right first time" by paying attention to the details as well as the overall goals and aims.

Adam Vero, Technical Director

Bespoke Training programme for Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 rollout

Microsoft Outlook 2010

I created courses for a client rolling out Windows 7 and replacing Lotus Notes with Exchange and Outlook 2010 and delivered these to 150 staff. I also helped administrators ensure users received the best experience by using Group Policies, completing AD user details, setting up resources correctly, and file server indexing.

"Excel 2007 Masterclass" Training programme - Course design and delivery

Microsoft Excel 2007

A long-standing FMCG client needed to provide training in Excel 2007 at all levels from beginner to advanced as part of their overall staff development programme. I developed and delivered a series of 12 classes so users could enter the programme at the appropriate level and continue through several sessions (some only one, others as many as eight, averaging 2.6 classes per person).

Overall Meteor IT delivered 56 highly successful hours of classroom training to 64 different people who attended, for a grand total of 328 man-hours of learning. Feedback from students was excellent, most of them expecting to be able to gain back the time they spent in training within the first week or month of doing their jobs.

Training programme - Training Needs Analysis, bespoke course design and delivery

Microsoft Office 2007 applications

Meteor IT delivered a training programme for the UK division of an international food manufacturer. This involved a training needs analysis for 45 staff, complete course design, and nearly 60 hours of classroom teaching. We created bespoke course content for different skill levels in Lotus Notes, Word, Excel and PowerPoint including all learning materials and handouts. Subsequently we provided training in their UK and Ireland offices updating staff skills to Office 2007 to support the group-wide rollout of this application upgrade.

The focus was on job-related competencies and using tools effectively, rather than every available feature. Attendees' feedback indicated that most of them expect to get back the time spent on their course in under a month (as little as a week in some cases) by using the software more efficiently to do their jobs.

Company acquisition - interim IT management, systems migration and office move

To assist with the handover period of a merger before the business was moved to a single site, Meteor IT set up a temporary extension to my client's infrastructure in the old premises to allow staff to work alongside their new colleagues. As the internal IT person had recently left, we also provided support for the old systems.

We converted email data from Exchange to Lotus Notes for staff that transferred, as well as accounting data and documents. We also assisted with the logistics of the office move and swapping home workers' systems.

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