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Office 2010 Skills Update

Thinking of upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office?

Or have you already started using it and want to get to grips with the great new features?

If this sounds like you, then our Office 2010 skills update training would be ideal. Instead of spending a long time being shown all the things that have not changed, these courses focus on teaching you how to find all your familiar tools in the new version, and a few of the new features which will have the most immediate benefit for you.

If you are used to older versions of Office with menus and toolbars, you may be a little confused by the new Ribbon. Even if you have been using Office 2007 there are still many new features waiting for you to take advantage of them.

It takes everyone a while to find their way around a new piece of software and get back up to their previous productivity levels. Our Office 2010 skills update courses can speed up that process and get you working more effectively than everreplica rolex gmt master ii bracelet aaaa rolex replica jf watches replica .

Don't waste time on familiar things

Our Microsoft Office Master Instructor will not waste your time showing you things which have not changed - these sessions are focussed on helping you to do the tasks you are familiar with in new ways with the latest version.

We offer training aimed at people who use various parts of the Microsoft Office suite equally, or "power users" of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We can also put together a customised package to suit your exact requirements - our experience with all versions of Office means that we can help you easily make the move from the version you are used to up to the latest release.

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Choose the courses to suit your needs

If you are upgrading from Office 2003 or earlier the General overview course covers the new Ribbon interface, file formats and features common across the Office 2010 suite such as Themes and SmartArt.

About half of the session is used to highlight some of the more significant changes in each of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but without going into great depth on any one topic.

The Focus on Word, Excel or PowerPoint courses are intended as a follow-up to the General overview. They are ideally suited to people who tend to pick up new concepts quickly and already have an intermediate or advanced level of skill with the appropriate software. By choosing to attend any of these three courses you will gain a more thorough understanding of the applications you use the most.

Fast track from Office 2007

Office 2007 to 2010

If you have been using Office 2007 for a while you should already be familiar with the new Ribbon interface, quick access toolbar, new file formats and some of the features such as SmartArt and live preview introduced in that version.

The General overview course can be covered more quickly for upgraders from 2007 than from older versions, but there is still plenty to cover with the new Backstage view, customisable Ribbons and a quick look at some of the improvements to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

We can also provide fast-track versions of the Focus on Word, Excel or PowerPoint courses if you have been using Office 2007 for some time and just want to quickly get up to speed with the specific improvements and new tools introduced in this latest release.

For more details of what is covered in any of our training programmes, please visit the Course Outlines page for links to all the information you need in easy-to-download pdf documents.

Getting more out of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Our Outlook 2010 classes are ideal as an add-on to any of the above courses, or by themselves for companies migrating from another messaging platform such as Lotus Notes. Some people may feel that "everyone knows how to use email already" and are often surprised to learn how much they are missing about the true capability of a fully featured program like Outlook.

These courses would usually be customised to suit the way your business works, as there will be differences in which features are available depending on what email servers you have (Exchange 2010 introduces some new capabilities, for example). Every environment differs slightly in the way that people collaborate and work together too, so we would spend some time to understand how you operate before training your staff in the most appropriate ways of doing things.