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Develop your Professional Presenting Skills

Do you want to...

  • close more deals in your sales appointments?
  • get your boss to approve your budget?
  • convince an investor to back your business?
  • ensure your project team is on track?

If you use presentations in the course of your job, you need to be performing to the best of your ability in order to generate the greatest rewards for you and your business.

Meteor IT have a choice of two personal development workshops which will help you to become more confident and deliver great presentations with maximum impact for your audience. More details on the content can be found below.

These are run periodically as public scheduled courses, or can be delivered as in-house workshops dedicated to helping your staff improve their performance.

Contact us now to find out how a presentation skills workshop will help you achieve your aims. Send us an email enquiry or call Meteor IT on 0113 248 7125

Professional Presenting

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This one day masterclass is intended for business professionals who already present to clients or colleagues on a regular basis, and want to give their best possible performance.

Build on your existing abilities and give presentations which are well prepared, skilfully delivered and connect with your audience, large or small.

An instructor-led session with group discussions and exercises will cover some fundamental concepts such as:

  • What identifies a great presenter?
  • Who are the audience and what do they want?
  • Making good use of body language and gestures
  • Handling questions and objections
  • Make sure you get applause, not snores

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Presenting with PowerPoint

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This half-day workshop will discuss proven methods to create software presentations which are most effective at getting your message across.

First-time presenters will learn how to engage an audience of any size confidently; practiced speakers will build on the skills they already have and hopefully give up some of their bad habits.

Programs like PowerPoint, Keynote and Impress can help you create easy-to-deliver presentations, but they don't ensure your content is clear and compelling to your audience. You will learn some of the pitfalls to avoid and how to plan, prepare and present to the highest standards. The topics covered include:

  • Why use presentation software?
  • What makes a slideshow good or bad?
  • How to avoid "death by PowerPoint"
  • Presentation structures that work
  • Top tips and features you should be using

Although some program features will be mentioned in the context of why they are important, this workshop is not intended to train you in how to use the software in great detail. You will not be using PowerPoint "hands on", and do not need to bring a laptop with you, just paper, pencil and an open mind.

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Driving lessons teach two equally important things: firstly the rules of the road, how to drive and the guidance of the Highway Code; and secondly how to operate a car's controls to actually move around. Our presentation skills workshops teach you how to present in the first sense, but will not explain in detail how to use specific functions of presentation software tools.

If you use Microsoft PowerPoint then these workshops are ideally supplemented by a training course at Intermediate or Advanced level to get the most out of your software.