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Skills Workshops deliver practical training

Using computers in a business environment is not all about knowing how to use the software, you also need to know what to do with it.

To tackle this, Meteor IT has introduced a number of personal development Skills Workshops to cover single topics in depth. Rather than learning about features you may never use, your time can be spent more effectively getting to grips with just one area, as well as introducing non-technical "soft" skills such as improving clarity and presentation of information.

These workshops place an emphasis on participation by the attendees, rather than just sitting back and being taught. Each person brings their own skills and experiences in addition to the prepared materials and everyone can learn from their peers in this environment - hence these are workshops, rather than training courses.

Much of the material covered in these IT and management skills workshops is drawn from our main training courses, which allows you to get the information from several difficulty levels or more than one piece of software in one course.

Convince clients, persuade your boss, motivate your team...

Whatever your reasons for wanting to be able to present more professionally, our expert coach can show you how to:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Deliver information with clarity
  • Connect with your audience
  • Convey your key messages
  • Communicate your ideas

Does your sales or management team need to boost their presentation skills? Maybe you want to increase your confidence and improve the chance of getting your message across? If this sounds like you then read about our Professional Presenting skills workshops today.

Some of our other skills workshops coming soon:

  • Charts for visualising data in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Picture file formats and simple management
  • Pivot Tables from Excel beginner to analysis expert
  • Word tables for formatting complex documents
  • Creating SmartArt diagrams in PowerPoint 2007
  • Excel conditional formatting and custom number formats

Price guide for Skills Workshops

Meteor IT Skills Workshop pricing 2008 (pdf file) Skills Workshop pricing 2008

Please contact us by email to discuss your training requirements in more detail, or call 0113 248 7125.

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